Pre/Post Surgical

▶ Body Prep for Surgery

Sometimes, pre-existing conditions prevent a doctor from scheduling needed surgery. We help optimize the state of the body so surgery is less risky and subjected to fewer complications. This optimization may also help shed the effects of surgery faster, such as anesthesia.

For example, Michael worked on one gentleman who had pressure in his eye and this condition was preventing him from having cataract surgery. He directed his angels to relieve the pressure in his eye. When he finished, the client wanted to know what he had done; he felt a significant reduction in the pressure of his eye. The doctor confirmed this reduction in pressure and the client successfully completed the surgery.

▶ Post-Surgical Recovery & Healing

In this area, we help the body heal faster with less pain and medication. The treatment includes working on the reduction of swelling, inflammation, and pain so the surgical site can heal faster with less dependence on drugs. As we age, it becomes harder for our bodies to shake off the effects of surgery. Sometimes, clients are nauseous and in a brain-fog due to the anesthesia and drugs used in surgery. We work to cleanse the body of these residual elements.