Our Team

Michael Rocheford

Picture of Michael Rocheford

My first experience with energy healing was watching my grandmother. She had this ability to put her hands on people in pain and their pain would melt away. At 8 years old, I started talking to my angels, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael and Uriel. They had been with me since a very young age. I felt their presence, but I didn’t understand. My grandmother told me that I had the ability to heal also. And, she said I had to learn how to do this. At the time, my response was “No! Show my sister, Patty.” My Dad had always called my Mom’s grandma crazy. I didn’t want him to think I was crazy, too.

Even though I knew I had her abilities to heal, I hid them for a long time. I had trouble coming to terms with who I was and why I was different from my friends and other family members. To explore who I was, I joined the Air Force. I learned the upholstery trade and created my first, successful business. I tinkered with many hobbies; raising exotic birds, inventing, cooking. And, along the way, I married and started a family.

But, the desire to help people kept bringing me back to healing. I couldn’t ignore the fact that when people were in pain or stress, I could help. Years ago, I made this endeavor my sole focus. I’ve been a Master Healer for the last 20 years. I moved the business to this current location in 2009 and have been happy healing people ever since!


Brent Hood

Brent Hood pictureBrent and I crossed paths when he arrived to establish a fresh-water well next to my place. At the time, I was raising eastern bronze turkeys. He started gobbling and one of my big turkeys went crazy! I was in the shop, working – until all the commotion led me to investigate. I asked him, “what are you doing to that bird?”

I got within 5′ of him and realized he was just like me! We started talking about our lives, how we look at the world and what we liked and didn’t like. The similarities were undeniable. We became good friends; we’ve watched each other’s families grow up. On a trip to Missouri, he asked, “I’m just like you, aren’t I?” “Yep”, I replied. He wanted to know why I hadn’t told him. I responded that I needed him to discover that himself. By the way, Brent’s great grandma was a healer, too. Brent has been practicing alternative energy healing since 2010.


Bryana Leverentz

Bryana PictureBryana is interning with us. I’ve know her since she was 7 and she’s gifted, too. Over the years, I’ve helped her with various sports injuries. And she’s learned from these experiences. Her favorite subject in school was Medical Anatomy.

Now she’s studying Occupational Therapy and Psychology at St. Catherine’s University. She’s an honor student who has made the Dean’s List. And, she plays Volleyball and Track and Field for St. Kate’s. She hopes to combine her studies at the University with healing techniques to help people in all areas of mind, body and soul.