Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. Why should I try your service?
  2. We produce results. In this business, practitioners or Master Healers who don’t perform don’t last very long. We are real people with families living in the community. Most of our business is through word-of-mouth; those we’ve helped tell others to see us. We encourage you to look at the testimonial section to read our clients’ stories.

  3. What if I don’t believe in God or angels or I’m not religious?
  4. We’re not worried about the religion you’ve chosen to follow. As healers, we may follow a certain faith in our personal lives, but our business is not founded on a specific religion. We’ll help anyone who is open to letting us try. Our goal is to help you enjoy a better quality of life.

  5. If I agree to treatment, can I expect that I’ll eventually get better?
  6. We have successfully treated many people, who have left feeling less stress, experiencing fewer symptoms and understanding more about how to deal with their situations than when they arrived. In some cases, it is difficult to manage client expectations. They may come to us too late in the progression of their condition. At this point, we try our best to make them comfortable. At times, the Angels say, “no”. Their response is that sometimes this illness is what that person needs to experience for his growth. Or, perhaps the perceived illness is really normal and we have to redefine our perception of what is normal. They may also say that some things are a natural course of aging and they choose not to interfere.

  7. Why all the sessions? Can’t I be cured in one trip?
  8. Diseases or physical issues develop over time, and usually not overnight. And, many people ignore warning signs and healthy practices, maintain addictions, all of which take a toll on their bodies. So, when you see us, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. With each layer of issues resolved, we see improvements. And, as clients differ, so does their ability to bounce back. Lastly, sometimes it’s a learning process for us. We learn from our clients about their condition and how it’s affecting them. It helps us improve our techniques.

  9. What if my doctor doesn’t want to be involved?
  10. We try to open the door. Sometimes, a curious or vested doctor will walk through. Often, doctors will see the results of our work. You can help us make the link to your care providers through information they provide to you through tests or exams. One day, we’ll learn to mix our tools and their tools for the best possible outcome.

  11. Are sessions covered by insurance or can I use health account savings (HSA)?
  12. Even though results of our work can be proven through rescanning or retesting, insurance companies will not pay for our work. At this time, they do not recognize this branch of health service. While it isn’t typical for a company to allow your health savings account to pay for our services, each company is different and you’d have to check with yours to see what things are allowed.

  13. What is a remote and how does it work?
  14. During a remote, our angels take us virtually to you. We work on the inside of your body without our physical body being in the room where you are. For your part, we just ask that you lay quietly for about 30-45 minutes or so. We call you before and after the remote. There are 2 important reasons we use this type of visit: speed and distance. Sometimes time is of the essence and we need to get to you fast, such as when you are experiencing a great deal of pain. In other instances, you may be traveling. Or perhaps you live out-of-state. You may also be too weak to come to us.