▶ Cancer

Cancer can attack any organ including the skin. Generically, cancers define a group of diseases that share the trait of uncontrolled cell growth. Through our clients, we’ve experienced the impact on the body of many different cancers including brain, colon, pancreatic, liver, lymphoma, prostate, breast, and cervical cancers. Because the conditions leading to cancer develop over time, cancer can be difficult and complicated to treat. And, their treatments take time. A person’s diet, emotional state and habits, as well as their environment, and exposures to chemicals or infections all create increased risk for cancer development. During our treatments, we work to eliminate the tumors and stray cancer cells that may have detached from the original site. We help repair the body and immune system, weakened by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. If surgery was involved, we can aid in minimizing the damage and speeding healing. The earlier we see a client, the better the chance that we can prepare a client for the best possible outcome with their oncologist. Since each cancer and person is unique, treatments are varied and specific to each client and the progression of his or her cancer.

▶ Diabetes

Diabetes results when either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or because cells of the body do not respond properly to the insulin that is produced. Diabetes starts out as high blood sugar. High blood sugar produces symptoms of frequent urination and increased thirst & hunger. Untreated, diabetes can cause many complications including ketoacidosis, poor circulation and heart disease, kidney failure, eye damage and coma. There are three main types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 results from the body’s failure to produce insulin.
  • Type 2 results from insulin resistance, where cells fail to use insulin properly.
  • Gestational diabetes occurs when pregnant women, not previously diagnosed as diabetic, develop a high blood glucose level.

For Diabetes, we help to stimulate the pancreas to regain vitality & strength. Sometimes, we see too much damage. In these cases, we help the body to tolerate the medications better so the condition remains under control and problem-free. Sessions vary.

▶ Lyme

Lyme disease symptoms start within 24 hours of being infected. It’s not uncommon to experience a sore throat and headaches that progress to a full-fledged flu which can persist for days and leaves its victim completely drained. Once in the bloodstream, the spirochete is free to attack vulnerable organs, muscle tissue, the brain and more. Thyroid issues (hormone imbalances), muscle weakness, vision problems, cognitive problems (panic or anxiety attacks, stress, inability to focus, memory loss, brain fog), respiratory and circulatory issues and a host of other symptoms plague the owner of this disease. Antibiotic regimens are typically prescribed by doctors. But, Lyme spirochetes can morph into different shapes to avoid the effects of these antibiotics.

We see Lyme as a very unique disease because it attacks each body quite differently. In some clients, it damages joints and muscles. In others, it attacks the nervous system. Yet others experience brain and heart issues. In our approach to Lyme, we work on the soft tissue in the joints. But, we also get into hard-to-access areas where Lyme spirochetes tend to hide: the brain, eyes, heart, digestive track and bone marrow. Our technique uses angelic ultraviolet light to help destroy the spirochetes, in all their forms. Around the third visit, symptoms are usually lessening. Session timing is critical; we don’t want the bacteria to reproduce. And, we can’t start repair until all traces of the disease are gone. The body’s natural response is to send repair cells to a damaged site, which attracts any remaining Lyme bacteria, acting as either a food source or as a signal of a weakened area.

When we feel you are “clean”, we wait a month and recheck you to confirm no new growth has appeared. If we don’t see any more spirochetes in your body, we ask that you get retested. Test results confirm to us that the Lyme bacteria are gone. Once rid of the disease, we work to repair the damage done by the Lyme spirochetes. Our “burn” and repair techniques take about 6 to 9 sessions from the 1st session evaluation to the final repair session.